Red carpet for Langstraat


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Locatie Langstraat


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Red carpet for De Langstraat

De Langstraat is a place which mainly consists of a long street or there is a settlement around this ‘Langstraat’.
Looking at the place and the street, I noticed that the Langstraat splits into two parallel streets in two places.
I found that unusual, as it basically enables a circular trip in the small town.

In my previous works I have dealt a lot with endless loops and circles / loops.  In this respect, I found it funny that the lottery procedure for this project assigns me a place in which there is such a “loop” in a long straight street.

The place De Langstraat in itself, if I may put it that way, is not very spectacular: a collection of houses on a straight road through a flat country.

I assumed that the residents mostly know each other.  During my research I found indications of a neighborly bond and historical awareness of the local history.  To honor the residents of De Langstraat, I came up with the idea of ​​a red carpet for the long street.  A small unmistakable place is to be connected and highlighted by this idea, so that every resident of the street is worth stepping on the red carpet of the village like a star.


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