Bloo (test)


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Regionummer 20
Locatienummer 58
Locatie Stavenisse


Bloo [Test] 2021 Matt Hale


Bloo [Test]  is based on an oversize scientific test tube. The work is a sign, a sign for the link between science, industry and the slow but sure devastation of the oceans by micro plastics and other pollutants. The clear liquid blue contained within the tube reflects an ideal blue of the sea as promoted by holiday brochures. It is actually detergent used for cleaning toilets named ‘Bloo’.
The work is meant to be a reminder and contrast to the surroundings.

If this project was made the test tube would be made of strong, shatter proof, thick walled acrylic. The sculpture would be placed in the sea just off the coast near Stavenisse. 



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